“When I Walk” – MS Movie Fundraising

Check out Jason DaSilva’s film project “When I Walk”, a movie raising MS and other disability awareness and advocacy.

Jason says:  “When I Walk is a feature-length, point-of-view narrative film documenting my rapid loss of mobility [because of Multiple Sclerosis] over a five-year period, my emotional journey, and my pursuit of a new identity.

When I Walk, the film, provides an emotional narrative of the experience of becoming disabled, and reframes the disability identity. “Nothing about us without us”, we begin authoring and weaving stories told from our perspective. When I Walk provides fodder for discussion, inspiration, and new identity to those affected by multiple sclerosis and those with disabilities. It speaks to universal experiences of aging, loss, and identity. Most importantly, my hope is that When I Walk will create a new framework for seeing disability and disease as different states of being – rather than impoverished and lesser states of being.”

Jason has made numerous films in the past, some of which have been broadcast on HBO and PBS. Olivia’s Puzzle received an Oscar nomination.  He’s well along in putting this film together and is using social media to help raise funds to complete the project. Check out his website for more information on the film and his fundraising: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/587735327/help-me-get-when-i-walk-to-the-finish-line