Talks and conferences coming up

The Neuroethics research group at UBC is hosting a talk and following panel discussion. The event is titled Choice, Capacities and Consciousness: Brain Images and You. The event includes a talk by a researcher from Cornell University on Medical Ethics: Rights come to mind: Narratives, Neuroethics, and Disorders of Consciousness. Then there will be a panel discussion on the topic. The flyer we have says 3-5pm on Friday, March 15th. But…. Friday is March 16th… We’ll check closer to the date.

Later in the spring (May 30-June 1) BrainTrust Canada is hosting the 2012 Okanagan Conference on Brain Injury. The theme is The Art of Wellness after Acquired Brain Injury – A positive approach to living for individuals after ABI. The event will be held at the Naramata Conference Centre. Perhaps a combination conference and wine-tasting trip? Check out their website for more information if you are interested.