Classes and education sessions.

Upcoming Classes

  1. Customized, Small-Group Exercise Classes Led by a Physiotherapist (adapted from Yoga, Pilates, and other approaches)
    • A customized Yoga-style program with personalized instruction and exercise adaptation in a fun, social, small-group setting. 
    • This class is for individuals living with stroke, brain injury, incomplete spinal cord injury, MS, and other neurological conditions. These unique classes are based on yoga principles and are designed to help you meet your rehab goals.
    • Pre-assessment, then 8 classes.
      • Next sessions will be in the fall.
    • For more information, see the website.

Current or Past Courses

Please see the Classes page on our website. We run a number of education and rehab/exercise classes for people rehabbing, caregivers and clinicians.


If you’d like us to run a specific course again, or if you have an idea for a course that you’d love to take or a topic you really want to learn about – let us know! Just post your idea in the Comment section below – or come to the clinic for a chat.



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