Insider Tips

Our clinic waiting room and the treatment area itself are places where our patients and their families chat and share information. One of our patients suggested that our website could be another place where our clients could post things they think could be helpful to others. Or to ask questions as to where to find some neuro resource.

Dawn said: “Let’s face it, when it comes to “brain injury” there is no guide book out there to know what is available in the community or to help in normal every day things […].   From our time with your clinic I feel like some of us (your clients) have developed a “family-like” relationship, where we can bond, talk and really understand the physical and emotional issues “we” face everyday. Maybe your website could have a resource component whereby us clients could log on and add interesting things that we have discovered  e.g., by passing on where to find shoes that stay on your feetHelping each other, even in the smallest way,…”

We thought that was a great idea! We’ll start with trying out this page for ‘Insider Tips’ that you think may be of use to other people living with conditions that impact the nervous system.  Here’s how to do it:

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of this page. You’ll see some comments already in grey boxes and at the very bottom you’ll see a Comments? box.
  2. If you see something in an existing comment threads (in the grey boxes), that you would like to ask questions about, or add more information, you can Reply within that thread by using the Reply buttons. By “Replying”, it will keep information on the same topic grouped together!
  3. If you want to start a new thread on a new topic. Then use the Comments? box at the bottom. We suggest that you start out your post with a clear topic. For example “Shoes that don’t fall off!”.    Then, continue typing the information you want to share and hit the Post Comment button
We’ll see how this works. Please let us know what you think or if you have suggestions to improve it.

3 thoughts on “Insider Tips

  1. Shoes that stay on your feet.

    To all the ladies at Neuro Ability. It has been a struggle for me to find pretty shoes that stay on my feet! At 22 I still adore shoes and although my days of high heels are over, should I have to compromise on style for comfort, NO! My Mum (Dawn) and I have been on the hunt for nice shoes that I like, I can walk in and stay on my feet!! I have had to reevaluate my thoughts on foot ware, pretty shoes that stay on my feet are expensive! So my compromise is not to buy so many pairs of shoes!

    Below are links to the pretty sandals I bought.
    It is a European web site, the pictures were nicer, but Rieker Shoes are available in many “good” shoe shops. I bought mine at Turner Echo Shoes in South Surrey, 604-535 5119. There were many different designs all very easy to put on and stay on your feet. A couple of very good things about these shoes is that there are no buckles or laces, they have elastic straps and the soles of Rieker shoes are very cushioned, so if like me you have corns, because you don’t land on your feet correctly, it feels like you are walking on air, heaven!

    I’d love to hear from any of you who have any more leads on pretty shoes that stay on your feet!
    – Harriet

    • Thanks for getting us started Harriet!
      If anyone has any questions – just Reply to Harriet’s post.
      If you want to post about a different topic – start a new thread by using the Comments? box below!

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