Article published on Body-Weight Support Treadmill Training in Directions (PABC)

Cathy Eustace and Libby Swain were invited to write an article on Body-Weight Support Treadmill Training in Directions, the quarterly journal of the Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia. [Download the pdf file with this link]

A body-weight support treadmill incorporates a specially designed apparatus to take up a chosen amount of the weight of an individual as they walk and/or run on a treadmill. A harness both supports and lifts the trunk to take up some of the individual’s body weight and cleverly allows for variable loading and unloading during walking and running. In addition to treating our own clients we are open to exploring the possibility of some selected physiotherapists renting our facilities to treat their own clients for whom BWSTT might be an excellent complement to the current treatment program. If you have some interest in exploring this with us please email us, or