We’re Moving!

After many delays in the renovation of our new clinic space, we are finally delighted to announce that we are moving this weekend!

We will be working in the new clinic as of Monday, October 7, 2019.

New Address: 1156 Kingsway (Unit 100) between Glen Drive and Inverness Avenue.

Parking: It was impossible to find a clinic space with a parking lot as large as our current one. However, we have excellent parking and accessibility at the new clinic

  • Kingsway parking:
    • Usually very available and close to our front entrance in the morning
    • Warning: Cars will be towed after 3pm, so…  just saying…
  • Off-street parking:
    • There is great parking availability in the quiet streets south of the clinic
  • Our parking lot behind the building!
    • We have 3 parking stalls behind our building (back alley access). There is wheelchair access to the clinic through the rear door.
    • Note1: The west parking stall is only for Chairstuff (our building partner)
    • Note2: Chairstuff uses the white roller door very regularly for deliveries and loading. Do not park there! However, it is fine to use that space for pick-up/drop-off.



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