Mobility Aid: Electric Scooters

Sometimes it is worth saving your energy for when you get to the destination – rather than using it all up getting there. There are a lot of different types of electric scooters out there and I’m sure you’ve seen people using them.

Although we don’t recommend it or endorse it over any other companies models, one of our Neuro-Ability patients uses the somewhat amusingly named ‘GoPet’ electric scooter. ( It looks like a nice little unit that is available here in the Vancouver area ( It would obviously be worth looking into the other models available.

Perhaps you have your favourite? Have you used the GoPet? Have you used models from other companies? We’d love to have you share your opinions with other people who are perhaps in similar situations. Feel free to comment below or contact us to make a guest post here on our blog!

1 thought on “Mobility Aid: Electric Scooters

  1. Electric scooters, power chairs and electric wheelchairs come in a variety of models, shapes and sizes. It really depends on each individuals particular needs and likes. Before purchasing this type of device, as they can be very costly (but worth it!), I would suggest doing some research. Having said all this, my preferred mobility scooter is the zippy Daytona 4 GT 4 wheel scooter manufactured by Drive. It has the new “Finger-Pull” throttle and comes with dual headlights and a tail light. There are a wide variety of mobility scooters at if your interested in comparing.


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