Customized, Small-Group Exercise-Yoga Classes for the Neuro Population

The next series of classes will run from October 9/11 to November 27/29.

The yoga-style classes are led by a physiotherapist and customized for people living with and rehabbing from neurological conditions and injuries. The courses provide personalized instruction and exercise adaptation in a fun, social, small-group setting.  For more on the October-November 2012 course sign-ups, see Neuro-Ability Exercise Classes and contact

Note that for those who haven’t taken the classes before there is a mandatory individual assessment. The goal is to ensure the participant is placed in the appropriate class. This 1-hour session can be booked for Sept 25/27 or October 2/4 from 5-7pm.

You may also be interested in taking a look at an earlier post about a Neuro-Ability clinician’s (Anne Harris) invited article in the PABC Directions journal on those living with and rehabbing from neurological conditions using Yoga and Pilates.


2 thoughts on “Customized, Small-Group Exercise-Yoga Classes for the Neuro Population

  1. One of the participants (CC) said: “In the yoga class at Neuro-Ability having an instructor who was also a neuro-physiotherapist was fantastic. The pace of the class was perfect and the level of difficulty tailored to our abilities. The instructors gave very clear verbal instructions, demonstrations and hands-on correction of poses. We started with very simple movements and gradually built towards yoga poses. I had the opportunity to do things which consolidated beneficial movements/exercises I had experienced in physiotherapy sessions. After my stroke I had tried to resume ‘normal’ yoga classes but found the pace too fast. Most of the instructors I approached dismissed the idea of me doing yoga. Consequently I was delighted to hear about this class.”

  2. SS said: “Yoga had been a passion of mine until I sustained a broken hip which made it impossible to get on the floor. Thank goodness I am able to continue my yoga with Anne. My posture and my mobility are improving steadily thanks to the classes.”


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