A new team member: Sara Buckley

We’re very pleased to have a new physio joining our team. In addition to her work at Neuro-Ability, Sara works in acute neurosciences at VGH, giving her broad experience across the neuro-rehab spectrum.

To expand her knowledge and expertise in the field of Neurological Rehabilitation, Sara has taken several postgraduate courses, including the Bobath Concept, Manual Therapy for the Neurological Population and Cardiorespiratory Care. She has also worked on a research study involving individuals in the sub-acute stage of stroke for the past 3 years.

3 thoughts on “A new team member: Sara Buckley

  1. Great blog! I not only my eyes it is well written purely, How easy is it to information. Wondering how to notify me when new posts are made I. I subscribe to the RSS feeds you should do the trick! Have a nice day!
    Ross Finesmith

    • Hi Ross, You can sign up at the bottom of one of the blog pages to ‘follow’ the blog (and receive notifications that way).

      Thanks to your suggestion, I’ve added the RSS feed links at the bottom of the page as well (note that for any wordpress site, the RSS feed address is name/feed – so in this case, neuroability.wordpress.com/feed).

      Let us know if either of those two options work for you.


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