See the new ‘Tips & Resources’ page

Our clinic waiting room and the treatment area itself are places where our patients and their families chat and share information. One of our patients, (Harriet) suggested that our website could be another place where our clients could post things they think could be helpful to others. Or to ask questions as to where to find some neuro resource.

Dawn said: “Let’s face it, when it comes to “brain injury” there is no guide book out there to know what is available in the community or to help in normal every day things […].   From our time with your clinic I feel like some of us (your clients) have developed a “family-like” relationship, where we can bond, talk and really understand the physical and emotional issues “we” face everyday. Maybe your website could have a resource component whereby us clients could log on and add interesting things that we have discovered  e.g., by passing on where to find shoes that stay on your feetHelping each other, even in the smallest way,…”

For now, all posts (from us or from you) about topics that you would like to share amongst the neuro-patient community will be gathered up in the Tips & Resources page.

Just send us an email if you’d like to post something and we’ll make it happen. You can, of course, comment about any of those posts whenever you like!


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